Тест по английскому языку

a) aren’tb) isn’tc) not

a) yourb) ourc) their

a) parentsb) parents'c) parent's

a) doesn't likeb) don't likec) don't likes

a) Do live youb) Do you livec) Live you

a) How do you do?b) Fine, thank youc) James

a) Nice to meet youb) How are you?c) I'm Mary

a) I'm from the classroomb) I'm from the carc) I'm from Spain

a) It's past half nine.b) It's half to nine.c) It's half past nine.

a) I cook pizza.b) I'm a doctor.c) I don't do anything.

a) Wereb) Didc) Was

a) studyedb) studiedc) studed

a) driveb) drovec) drived

a) Isb) Doc) Are

a) the betterb) the bestc) the goodest

a) Yes, they are.b) Yes, there are.c) Yes.

a) I'm listening to music.b) I'm a doctor.c) I listening to music.

a) Yes, she does.b) Yes, she is.c) Yes, she is going to visit her friends.

a) Anyb) Not manyc) None

a) Yes, I like.b) Yes, I do.c) Yes, I would.

a) drinkb) drankc) drunk

a) Did you readb) Are you readingc) Have you read

a) rainedb) was rainingc) is raining

a) you'll passb) you are passingc) you pass

a) justb) alreadyc) yet

a) No, we hate each other.b) No, we like each other.c) No brother

a) What is it mean?b) What does it mean?c) What it means?

a) Yes, I haveb) Yes, I beenc) Yes, I have been

a) She's been to the post-office.b) She went to the post-office.c) She's gone to the post-office.

a) Yes, I'll go for a walk.b) Yes, I visit my friends.c) Yes, I'm going to the cinema.

a) you'll beb) you'rec) you'd be

a) parkb) will parkc) would park

a) shouldn'tb) shouldc) don't have to

a) is coveredb) are coveredc) was covered

a) wants to comeb) wantedc) wanted to come

a) Not muchb) Not manyc) Very few

a) Nothingb) Anythingc) No, I didn't

a) So do Ib) So would Ic) Neither would I

a) look it upb) look for itc) look forward to it

a) Yes, you couldb) I'll ask herc) I'll put you through

a) cookingb) was cookingc) cooked

a) hasb) wasc) had

a) wentb) had gonec) was going

a) are you waitingb) have you been waitingc) have you waited

a) will beb) aren'tc) are

a) wouldn't getb) wouldn'tc) didn't get

a) rainb) to rainc) raining

a) not to makeb) that they don't makec) to not make

a) where is the bankb) where the bank isc) where the bank

a) if the shop does openb) if opens the shopc) if the shop opens